A Journey of Self-Discovery and Forgiveness: My Enlightening Therapy Session

Self Love
Jonni Shreve


In my latest video, I shared a profound self-realization that emerged from reflecting on my career and how it intertwines with my personal growth. This post delves into this journey, highlighting my therapy session's enlightening moments and the steps I'm taking towards self-forgiveness.


Realization of Self-Blame:

I recently recognized a deep-rooted tendency to blame my younger self for not achieving what I perceived as my potential. This epiphany came during a therapy session, where I was discussing my career trajectory and its emotional impacts. Despite my current success, I realized that I've been overshadowing it with what-ifs and self-blame, stemming from choices made in my youth.

The Role of Therapy:

My therapist played a crucial role in helping me see that I hadn't forgiven myself for past decisions. This lack of self-forgiveness was affecting how I viewed my achievements and potential. Through our sessions, I learned that while I've been successful in forgiving others and managing my borderline personality disorder, I overlooked the need to extend that same forgiveness to myself.

Self-Reflection and Empathy:

I've started to practice self-reflection, acknowledging past mistakes as part of my journey. It's crucial to treat myself with the same empathy and compassion I offer others, especially my daughter. This means celebrating my achievements without the caveat of "you can do better" and recognizing that my past decisions, although influential, don't define my worth or success.

Practical Steps Towards Healing:

  • Accepting Achievements: Embracing compliments and acknowledgments without downplaying them.
  • Restitution and Amends: Apologizing to myself, recognizing that holding onto past mistakes only serves to hinder my current well-being.
  • Professional Help: Continual therapy sessions have been instrumental in my journey.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Taking time for introspection and positive self-talk.


Forgiveness, particularly self-forgiveness, is a powerful tool for healing and growth. It's a journey, not a destination, and I'm committed to treating myself with the kindness and understanding I deserve. As I continue on this path, I am reminded of the importance of iron sharpening iron and the need to progressively overload our lives with positive experiences and self-compassion.


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