30 Minute Consultation

You have questions about nutrition, training, supplementation, or mindset, and want to get some specific feedback and clarity about your unique situation?

Talk to me 1 on 1 and I will give you a detailed breakdown of exactly what to do to reach your fitness goals.

No Fluff. No BS.

Just results.

Bonus: After the call you will receive a $100 discount code to use toward any coaching program (e-book not included).


"Best Coach Ever

Nutrition, form correction coaching, programming workout routines, customized meal plans (designed around my needs and pallet), this man does it all! What an amazing coach that goes above and beyond with his communication, assistance, consistency and quality of information. He always provides new nuggets of information and is extremely thorough with his meetings. He always makes times to address any concerns and works through any challenges you might face. Again, best coach ever"

-Derrick Sutherland

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Truly Mr. Tell It Like It Is

Jonni as the true 🐐 in the industry. Focusing not on the flash that is always new and pushed by others . He focusing on ensuring you ahbe the correct form, are using the best exercises with no junk, the right volume and intensity while ensuring the correct nutrition without force feeding yourself.

Nothing he does isn't transparent and real.

Andrea Serrajotto
After 30 seconds it is like you've been talking to him for years

I was intimidated by Jonni's: you're talking to someone that knows fitness and performance thousands times more than you . After 1 minute it was like talking to a friend. And he did not rush the call at all, he even stayed longer than the 30 min. I ended up ordering a customized program from him.

Brian Leatherman
Positive experience

The consultation was great. All my questions were answered and I got some ques that have really improved my lifts and helped reduce shoulder pain while lifting. Money well spent.

Do This Now!!

Just do it! Such a great experience!! I bought the consult with the training package for my son. Jonni was awesome! Jonni took the time to review everything with my son and make sure my son felt like he understood the program. They covered a lot of ground and my son said Jonni was great on the video call!

On a phone consult

I've got to say that this has happen the best decision i made ever since i started working out. In the phone consult we actualy went overtime amd jonni didn't mention a word about that. The guy is completely honest and passionate about what he does and the people that actualy look up to him and watch him. Too bad i actualy live very far away to not get the chance to workout and get coached by him. An amazing person and coach. Keep up the flawless work !