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By Jonni Shreve, IFBB Pro
ISSA Certified Nutrition, Strength, and Conditioning Coach


You have questions about nutrition, training, supplementation, or mindset, and want to get some specific feedback and clarity about your unique situation?

Talk to me 1 on 1 and I will give you a detailed breakdown of exactly what to do to reach your fitness goals.

No Fluff. No BS.

Just results.

Bonus: After the call you will receive a $100 discount code to use toward any coaching program (e-book not included).


"Life changer"

"I have been watching Jonni on Youtube for a few months now and had to reach out and I can honestly say it was a life changer, well worth booking the time because he comes as advertised MR TELL IT AS IT IS and HE DID. He made it comfortable to have an open conversation as if we knew each other for a long time"

-Martin Ramos

Customer Reviews

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Erik Hyvärinen (Helsingborg, M)

Had a lovely call with Jonni about my goals as far as training goes, i normally struggle when talking to new people in general but it was super chill and he had some really good pointers. You can just tell that he knows his stuff!

Jefferson De La Cruz (Santo Domingo, 01)
Just awesome and straight forward

Talking to Jonni one on one went better than I had anticipated, no bs, straight to the point, funny jokes and I got the information I needed quickly

Josh (Wellsville, NY)
Long time follower.

So I'd like to say right out front that I'm not registered and haven't paid the requirement for a a one:one consult. The price point is just out of my teach at the time, but it will be soon purchase.

There's so many appreciations I'd like throw out at you but I'm sure you're gettin them all the time. The first one being teaching people how to do a PROPER LATERAL PULLDOWNS. Ive switch how I do mine and stare at the widow to watch sure I'm returning to a shoulder press posture at the end. I had to knock the weight down 25lbs which means I've found the best, optimum way to do the vert lateral pulldown. There's more of your exercises I've watched, just about all of them. I wouldn't have time to keep writing them down here. But the exercise that's helped me the most bar far is by far the lat pull down. I've notice some growing in my lets, my delta and like a thicker bicep. Thank you Jonni you have an amazing personality and you know what you're doing. 👊

Jeff Muzio (Sonora, CA)
Extremely helpful

This is an amazing asset. Extremely cool the day and age we are in. Easy access to an IFBB pro is absolutely insane.

Charles Penny (Suwanee, GA)
Worth every Penny

Easy going and easy to talk with
very knowledgeable