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What You Get

50+ Exclusive Training Videos
For every movement. Nothing beats great form, and I will show you how to achieve that.

The Perfect Stretch Routine
Learn the secrets of the best stretch routine I have used on clients to avoid injury whilst improving overall movement.

Mindset & Motivation
Training is as much a head game as it is a body game. I will teach you the techniques that helped me compete at the very top level for IFBB.

Successful Long Term Routines
Successful training is all about consistency. I will show you how to develop a routine that works around you, not the other way around.

The E-book itself is a program designed to do two things:
First, you’ll become the most attractive version of yourself that has people wondering how you put on muscle so fast.

Second, it teaches the core fundamentals to maximum muscle stimulation while remaining injury-free so you can look amazing all year round.

Ask yourself how much it would be worth to have your dream physique, without the typical ebb and flows that most people go through.
Would that be worth at least the price of a fancy dinner or a night out at a hotel?

Customer Reviews

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Chad Lambert (Rockwell, NC)
Ultimate Push Pull and Legs

It’s a great workout routine with a lot of good information in it. Also what was a big factor for me was your YouTube channel that you can go back and watch for help. I highly recommend Jonni channel. Thanks!

Alberto Penaloza (Richmond, CA)
Having trouble

It didn’t let Download it

Joel Garza (McAllen, TX)
Amazing PPL Workout Schedule

Prior to buying Jonni’s e-book I would see his videos and liked the content he was putting out. No BS straight to the point and tells it like it is. I would give his workout videos a try and felt like it was a good fit for me so I wanted to go to the next level. I purchased his e-book and it has been something I was looking for in a quiet sometime. I’m this e-book Jonni explains in detail the expectations of the workout as well as how to maximize your gains. Videos are linked to the book. Link will take you to his YouTube playlist of how to videos. PPL is divided into 3 levels. The E-book is self paced, there is no app telling you what’s next, you keep track of your own progress. You determine your own cycles and can switch out and can switch out any workouts that best fit you. I was lost about PPL without this e-book and with it I have found the treasure map.

Jeremiah Hazelwood
Ultimate push pull legs

I've had other programs that never followed through with what they promised. I've only been doing this one for a short time now and have already seen amazing results. I've recommended it to others.

Anthony Nuzzo (McHenry, IL)
Good Workout Content with Lots of Video Support

Love the content. Just wished the videos were somehow easier to view during a workout. I like to make sure I feel good about the form I am using. With this format, I have to go to the video, validate/check them out/wait for commercials (ha) etc. Then I can continue. Of course, over time, this will be less of an issue.
That said, the content itself if really good. Even the videos are filled with great form content. (Wish all of them discussed body/exercise form as much as some of them did).
Other than those two things (form on all videos, and ebook format of not having the videos readily available), I just started, but love the content and looking forward to more of Jonni's no nonsense, positive style.