What You Get

50+ Exclusive Training Videos
For every movement. Nothing beats great form, and I will show you how to achieve that.

The Perfect Stretch Routine
Learn the secrets of the best stretch routine I have used on clients to avoid injury whilst improving overall movement.

Mindset & Motivation
Training is as much a head game as it is a body game. I will teach you the techniques that helped me compete at the very top level for IFBB.

Successful Long Term Routines
Successful training is all about consistency. I will show you how to develop a routine that works around you, not the other way around.

The E-book itself is a program designed to do two things:
First, you’ll become the most attractive version of yourself that has people wondering how you put on muscle so fast.

Second, it teaches the core fundamentals to maximum muscle stimulation while remaining injury-free so you can look amazing all year round.

Ask yourself how much it would be worth to have your dream physique, without the typical ebb and flows that most people go through.
Would that be worth at least the price of a fancy dinner or a night out at a hotel?

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Dan DeWitt

Was able to get some good tips from program

Erick Jacobazzi
Good, not $100 good

Really expensive for what should be a 10-15 pdf with basic info.

Luiggi Maffare

I have been training for 2 years and I always thought that training had to be extravagant but here Jonni makes it simple and efficient, if you want to look good and have strength, buy this e-book, it changed my life, I no longer ask for help but I go to the e-book or to jonni's channel.

Mildred Palmer
Excellent overall but, may need a reality check....

I am not one bit disappointed that I purchased Jonni's PPL ebook since it is "chocked full" of invaluable information on exercise selection, rep tempo, different kinds of set protocol's that can be used in order to maximize one's hypertrophy other than "upping the weight" used. You can sense that Jonni really wants you to "get there" using one of the available three PPL Routines. featured in his ebook. However, six days a week (i.e., frequency) sounded good until week three where pain and my inability to recover prevented me from continuing. After all, unless you are an IBBF pro or thinking of getting to that level, then I "get it" with the six days a week training split. However, for those of us who have busy lives (working a full time job, taking care of a loved one, attending Church, doctor appointments, etc.,) but, want to "look good" while living one's life, this PPL approach is not going to work for a large segment of us. Therefore, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this book for the majority of lifters who love to lift but, simply unable to six days a week. After all, we all have our own personal priorities in life. I love Jonni's videos and I learn so much from him when it comes to becoming a more efficient lifter. However, six days a week is completely unrealistic for those who have a multi-faceted life. I'll use Jonni's techniques but, I'll look for another PPL program since I do like PPL so much! Thank you, Jonni for giving so much to the fitness/lifting community!!

Derrie Wilson
You must get yours!

I’d contemplated getting this for a while before I purchased it, and boy i wish i purchased it sooner! Its took my training regime to the next level and i’m reaping the rewards, from all the excellent advise in it. Its very informative, straight to the point and is suited for what ever level your training is at. I 100% recommended anyone who wants to hit new heights lr just starting out to get this E-Book.