What’s your training level BEGINNER? INTERMEDIATE? ADVANCED?Well look no further THE ULTIMATE PUSH PULL LEGS TRAINING EBOOKhas a 3 training plans for all levels. This book is jam packed with enough training information to reach your fitness goals and then some. I put together what I believe is the best Push Pull Legs split that can help anyone stimulate MAXIMUM MUSCLE GROWTH. From training frequency, mobility, core engagement exercises directory and training video links, this 100 page E-book has it all. Even if you don’t want to follow the 3 plans inside there is enough knowledge in this book for you to understand great training fundamentals.

These are very close to the plans I make for my clients, but just like them if you want to reap the benefits of THE ULTIMATE PUSH PULL LEGS TRAINING EBOOK, YOU have to put in the WORK.





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Highly Recommended

This book has been super helpful for me to get the body results I've been looking for. The information is easy to pick up and having the workout plans has made my workout life way easier.

Before I was just putting a bunch of different workouts together before I got to the gym. Now having a source I can just pick up and go to takes away alot of stress. And the workouts really leave you feeling pumped up with no pain!

Only Con:

I don't know how to get the videos working and I wish there was a little more info on tempo's

Tilar L
Great plan

Awesome work out plan with good info. I will recommend this to friends and family.

Kevin Bassett
Great workouts and customization of workouts

I've created a few push pull leg workouts in that past. I like the flexibility of this book. I have a shoulder impingement, so I've had to customize my workout. This book has helped.

Pat Pobojewski
This Book Will Take You Where You Want To Go

Before I started watching Jonni Shreve videos I was watching videos from other content creators and it was getting me nowhere because there wasn't enough information about how to have the proper form on each exercise. After buying this book, I started with the Beginner routines for PPL and it has been fantastic, If you watch a lot of J. Shreve videos you should know what exercises to do and what are the important aspects to performing each exercise correctly already, but this ebook has been worth it, as having all the information laid out in a plan and having progressive steps available has been amazing. I'm just finishing my 2nd week of PPL and I'm loving it so far, I highly recommend it. #IronSharpensIron

Michael Pullman
Great content even for the intermediate and advanced!


Awesome book my man. I’ve been into fitness for years and I can say comfortably, this book is great. I’m now getting back to natural bodybuilding after three kids and this was a great kick start. On a side note, what makes the book even better is the video content you put out. Super helpful, super motivating! Don’t stop keep’n it real Jonni.