Science-backed exercises to stimulate maximum muscle growth so that you know exactly what to do every single day and never feel lost. 


In-depth training videos demonstrating the exercises with proper form to avoid injury and pack on the most muscle possible. 

The exact stretching and warm-up routines I take all my clients through for injury prevention so you can focus on long-term growth over years.

The secret to successful training routinesthat are sustainable and help you attain the physique you always desired. 

The mindset and daily motivation I use to help me achieve world-class results while competing for IFBB.


The E-book itself is a program designed to do two things:

First you’ll become the most attractive version of yourself that has people wondering how you put on muscle so fast.

Second it teaches the core fundamentals to maximum muscle stimulation while remaining injury-free so you can look amazing all year round. 

Ask yourself how much it would be worth to have your dream physique, without the typical ebb and flows that the majority go through. 

Would that be worth at least the price of a new XBOX, a fancy dinner, or a weekend vacation in an average priced hotel?

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Beginners Best Friend

I found Jonni on YouTube and benefited greatly from his videos. Being a total beginner I came from knowing basically nothing to being pretty comfortable in the gym based mostly on his coaching, with some others. His delivery and style really helped me grasp the content and made me want to keep learning. I decided to buy his eBook to take my fitness plan more seriously and am loving it. The program is really producing results and I can just feel that I'm doing my movements safely and effectively. Not only that but I know I can progress through his programs to more advanced techniques as I keep growing. I honestly highly recommend buying the book!

James Farber
Good but quite a few Issues

Most of the issues come from the typos that also have numbers either missing or misplaced. There is also a “tempo” section that tells you how to follow the tempo which would be very helpful, but there are a lot of exercises that don’t list a tempo and there isn’t a basic tempo set to follow. The video libraries don’t have all of the exercises listed and when I try and click on the Bicep library I get taken to a back library. When reaching out they didn’t fix anything and didn’t get back to me on it at all. The index doesn’t have any page numbers listed, just an order of the contents, so if you’re looking for the “advanced legs day 1” you don’t have a page number, you just know it’s after “advanced back day 1” one of the most annoying things is that you are buying a 100 page book, but the last 66-100 pages are the exact same log printed over and over. So you really only get 65 pages plus the 1 log 44 times.
Once they fix the mentioned issues though it should be a great book! There are also GIANT sets that could be great to use, but the equipment listed is multiple rooms away and there aren’t any recommended substitutes.

Best Coaching

I've been training in the gym for close to 5 years now. I've done multiply programs from all kinds of IFBB-pros like Chris Bumstead, Greg Doucette, Jay Cutler, ATHLEAN-X, and others. But once I trained with Jonnie Shreve's E-book it honestly was the best that I've encountered so far. It has covered many aspects of training and it has given me so much joy working out that was unbelievable. These were the only training plans that I've got the most result in my physique. Every time I went to the gym I couldn't wait to do my workout but it was so much fun and I had the chance to pick whichever exercises were best for me. There was nothing complicated, just pure enjoyment and fun in the gym working out. Some people don't know how to start their fitness journey but luckily enough there are programs for BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCE. The methods he has implemented in his workout were so good that it was as if he was training you virtually and you were getting the best pumps ever + plus phenomenal gains. Also, it has covered a lot of the warming up which most fitness coaches do not emphasize, and also the proper mobility of the exercises. I'm more than happy that I'm writing this review because I want to show how much are people actually missing out on. Can't wait to purchase a new training program from Jonnie Shreve. This has been the best fit for me and although I can't train in person with him because I leave far away, the training programs are like a virtual coach who is guiding you to your goals. Thank you for everything Jonnie!!!

Brad boughner
The E Book to save this old man’s joints

So I started watching Jonni’s videos on YouTube I am coming up on 50 yrs old have been up to 500+lbs 15 years ago always played sports even running cross country in highschool at 300+Lbs
Have had a knee surgery and back and shoulder joint problems since a teenager only made worse but 30 years in a factory but the tips from the video the form cues ect have made such a huge differre I had to buy the book just to support an amazing guy putting out solid content and what do you know the book is packed with amazing info so excited will do a better review after 12 weeks or so of putting the actual program in the book into practice

Frank Old Horn

As a beginner to fitness I found the E book to be very helpful n informal with some awesome advice there ain’t one out there like it for sure love it n would recommend it to anyone