Science-backed exercises to stimulate maximum muscle growth so that you know exactly what to do every single day and never feel lost. 


In-depth training videos demonstrating the exercises with proper form to avoid injury and pack on the most muscle possible. 

The exact stretching and warm-up routines I take all my clients through for injury prevention so you can focus on long-term growth over years.

The secret to successful training routinesthat are sustainable and help you attain the physique you always desired. 

The mindset and daily motivation I use to help me achieve world-class results while competing for IFBB.


The E-book itself is a program designed to do two things:

First you’ll become the most attractive version of yourself that has people wondering how you put on muscle so fast.

Second it teaches the core fundamentals to maximum muscle stimulation while remaining injury-free so you can look amazing all year round. 

Ask yourself how much it would be worth to have your dream physique, without the typical ebb and flows that the majority go through. 

Would that be worth at least the price of a new XBOX, a fancy dinner, or a weekend vacation in an average priced hotel?

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Stewart James
E book

A very good read with a lot of excellent advice and excersises starting at beginners. But make sure your ready because doing them hurts in a good way... so make sure your ready

Dalton Cole
Killer workout

After my consultation with Jonni I decided to just buy the e-book. I was training "hard" for a month and a half prior. 2 weeks into the beginner split I have never felt a pump like I am now. Definitely optimal, targets so many different muscle, but doesn't leave you unable to do you day to day life with proper form. There reason in my mind to look for another training plan after finding this and spending some time one on one with Jonni.

Bryan Hobbs
Great work out

Everything is layout, form an how do it.. so far so good, but some videos are missing.. overall it's good work out

Zoot Walovich
Let me tell you how it is….

Jonni Fu@&ed up my workouts! I thought I had a solid plan before reading his book only to realize the crippling effects of a well thought out, through plan. This book along with his YouTube videos are a recipe for greatness.

The book could use a better explanation of techniques on actually doing the exercises. Perhaps it was missing a chapter. In combination with YouTube videos I’m enjoying the book and plan. The cost is a bit high for what it is…..

Aaron Hamilton
Great workout

I love the workouts but my ebook was missing the exercise explanations and some of the vids were missing.