Time-tested exercises to stimulate maximum muscle growth so you know exactly what to do every single day and never feel lost. 


In-depth training videos demonstrating the exercises with proper form to avoid injury and pack on the most muscle possible. 

The exact stretching and warm-up routines I take all my clients through for injury prevention so you can focus on long-term growth over years.

The secret to successful training routinesthat are sustainable and help you attain the physique you always desired. 

The mindset and daily motivation I use to help me achieve world-class results while competing for IFBB.


The E-book itself is a program designed to do two things:

First, you’ll become the most attractive version of yourself that has people wondering how you put on muscle so fast.

Second, it teaches the core fundamentals to maximum muscle stimulation while remaining injury-free so you can look amazing all year round. 

Ask yourself how much it would be worth to have your dream physique, without the typical ebb and flows that most people go through. 

Would that be worth at least the price of a fancy dinner or a night out at a hotel?

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Brandeis
Amazing Coach

I learned more in a few hours with Jonni's book than I did in 20 years of hacking it myself, and I am already seeing progress and I am more pain free after a workout. This will take me a few months to learn the material but the basic weight lifting concepts can be learned very quickly.

Bela Viczian
Visible change

I've been using Jonni's 4 day full body split for a few months and I started to feel a change in my muscles is stared to bulk up like mad, then I hit a plateu. So it was time to step my game up. I bought this program. Best investment I had. I will be able to use this for at least a couple of years, after 2 weeks of using it i feel the progress already. Thanks Jonni, your guides helped me to beat my high blood pressure, abdominal fat issues and so much more. Never stop being real bro.

Richard G
Push Pull Legs ebook

As a beginner it has been hard to work out a split and also what exercises I should be doing but with Jonni’s ebook as a guide it all becomes clear and I can look at the exercise directory to see proper technique. I was not really sure on what warm ups I should be doing either but this is all shown in this very informative ebook. The ebook was a great price and I can’t wait for the updates. Also been following Jonni on YouTube for a while now. Glad I found you Jonni. Thank you

Brad T.
Really helpful as a beginner.

The ebook puts together information from many of the videos Jonni has put out. It’s good to see a program that is ACTUALLY used in the videos, and not just something passed off to a third party.

It has your basic information to get a good understanding of the goals, along with several programs, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced, along with other information like strength periods, abs, warmups, and the like.

I am still using the beginner program with some intermediate supersets subbed in, and it really wipes you out. (But you feel good and energized in about an hour.) With warmups, stretching, and equipment setup, the workouts I use take about 50-70 minutes depending on the day and that’s about the time I have to allocate.

As someone who has gone to the gym for years, but didn’t have any real understanding of goal and progressive overload (but did work till exhaustion), this book (and the videos from Jonni, and yes other YouTubers) has really helped improve my health noticeably.

After using the bro-split 5-day program for about a month or more, I decided to get this ebook (both for the added guidance and to support Jonni). Both are great. I like the split in the PPL better than Bro and I seem to be getting a bit better targeted results from PPL, but that just may be my body. If you don’t want to spend on the PPL, go for the Bro split and try it out for a while. I recommend using the programs as-is as a starter to see what responds to your body best, then build a personalized program from there with those programs as a base.

Was it worth it? Absolutely for me.
I can’t speak for pro-builders or anything. But for someone trying to optimize their time in the gym as a beginner/intermediate, it is great.

Eric Merriken

Great addition to my artillery. Picked it up because I was getting bored with my routine and was hopeful for some excitement and challenges.

I’ve never done triple drop sets or rest pause sets prior to this and my mind is blown! I actually leave the gym feeling like I got my ass kicked for the first time in a couple of years - Thanks, Jonni!!

There were a couple of exercises new to me that were unclear and that were not in YouTube video library but I was able to find elsewhere.

Library could use a revamp also.

Nonetheless I am extremely enjoying this guide!