Take away the guesswork and get a concrete PLAN to achieve your dream body.

Custom-tailored to your exact situation and your exact goals, so you know you have the best plan for YOU.


  • Customized workout plan made from a lengthy questionnaire about your different goals, injuries, lifestyle, etc. 
  • Personalized nutrition, training, and supplement plans. Meal plans involve optional meal choices to meet your daily needs and optimize meal timing and training. Recipes are included to guide you through making the desired food, quantities, and portion sizes to meet your desired goals. This includes the most enjoyable foods to sustain a continuous nutritional Lifestyle.
  • Training regimen based on progressive overload and training philosophies to bring maximum muscle recruitment and mind-to-muscle connectivity. Training regimens change due to progress and goals.
  • Supplement regiments are made to work specifically for your needs, such as unique injuries and lifestyle.


**Consult discount code does not apply to training ONLY or nutrition ONLY plans**

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rafael Lozano
All that I wanted and all that I needed

Jonni spent the time to speak with me on the consult - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - and came up with a comprehensive plan that addresses every single concern and desire that I had. The plan covers my short term goals as well as my lifetime goals. Couldn’t be happier!

Michael Daly
Pros and Cons One time Diet and Training

Want to start the review by saying its worth the money. Especially if you've been out of the game for a while like me, or someone who has never trained before. Its good to have a starting place. Jonni and his team seem to be good people. I'll list these out.

1) You have what you need right out of the gate. Start training and dieting as soon as you receive it.
2) Good staff. I had a consult scheduling problem that was taken care of by somebody on their day off. She happened to see my email and responded.
3) Knowledge-Ive had two consults thus far. Jonni really knows his stuff.

1) Only con I can think of has to do with Jonni's availability for questions. Ive had a few emails that have gone unanswered, but some that were answered fairly quickly.
I understand this isn't the premium package, but even still if I run into a question I have with the program I did purchase, one would expect they would all get answered. Maybe they got lost in his inbox, I don't know. If not for that one thing, this would have been a 5 star review.
Its the one thing that made this a 4 star rating over a 5.

Jonni is the Best in the Business!

The overall plan has been great. I appreciate the overall health portion, flexibility, nutrition, supplements, warm-up, cool-down) even though I was most focused on resistance training. The zoom meeting was excellent! He really is better in one-on-one videos than on his YouTube channel, if that is even possible. He is a wealth of information, very down to earth, and excellent teacher. I have let several friends and family know and they are quite impressed with everything Jonni and his team have done.

Eric Pappas
The one time nutrition and workout plan

The nutrition plan is easy to follow and and I love the options. The workout plan is also easy to follow and is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s great that the plan isn’t “information overload”. Just started this journey and can’t wait to see and fell the results. This is exactly what I am needing to fall in love with the process again.

David Coffey
One time plan

Jonni created a detailed plan for me and I'm excited to see how it all works out. Jonni is one of the best!!