5-Day Bro Split

This 5-DAY BEGINNER BRO SPLIT will get you:

-BIG arms

-WIDE shoulders

-A BARREL chest

-A BROAD back…

-And take your legs along for the ride as well. (Yes, you still have to do leg day!)

Simple, no-BS instructions with easy-to-follow video tutorials.

If you’re looking to build a jacked and aesthetic physique with a V-taper and powerful frame, this is the program for you.

Grab your copy right now and GROW!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cesar leo
Its straight

I cant play the video so I will say it was not bad

Chris Miller
5 day bro split

Solid workouts. Will probably check into the more advanced programs.

Adam Currie
Great routine !!

Definitely a solid routine if you’re just getting in to body building or just trying to get in better shape. For people who are a little more advanced I would highly recommend Jonni’s push / pull program. Lots of great info and it incorporates a lot of good techniques like drop sets and rest pause sets. Over all he’s giving fantastic info and a great product.

Trey Abbott
Good Program for a Great Price

Been a fan of Jonni Shreve and his YouTube Channel for about a year now. And I really enjoy learning from his channel on how to do exercises properly. So I decided to jump the gun and purchase this program. And so far in the 3 weeks I have been using the program, its pretty good and I (plus my wife) can tell a difference! The only negative thing that I have is and why its not a full 5 star review is due to the YouTube links not working properly, other than that, its good simple programming!