4-day Push/Pull Split

The 4-DAY BEGINNER PUSH/PULL SPLIT is a well-rounded athletic program that will:

-build muscle everywhere

-give you a strong, athletic, muscular look

-improve your overall performance and health

It is 4x a week and can fit around other training or busy schedules.

Simple, no-BS instructions with easy-to-follow video tutorials.

If you’re a beginner who is looking to get into lifting weights and build solid muscle without spending hours and hours in the gym, this program is perfect for you.

Grab your copy and get started today.

Customer Reviews

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Bela Viczian
Finally something that makes sense

I a beginner, just started my journey 4 months ago. I'm obese and weak as heck. I downloaded a gym app and started working out 3 days a week and after 2 months I was doing a very complicated and long 4 day split, I spent more than 2 hours in the gym I felt exhausted every day with minimum gains. Then I found Jonni and with the guidance of his videos ans using his 4 day split program Im spending way less time in the gym, I watch my form and I have gains again. All in all it was worth every cent. Thank you Jonni and the team for keeping it real and helping us achieve our goals! All the best, and greetings from Hungary, eastern Europe!

More Videos Please

This is a great program for someone who is not able to commit to the full 6 Day PPL program Jonni has. By the Way fantastic program. I used it to create my own 4 day split until this came out. I also agree with Jamie Beard below. Not all the exercises have videos demonstrating the specific exercise listed in the program. There are many additional videos so you can vary the workouts, but the basic program does not have videos for all the programs. And, as James suggested it would be fantastic if you could perhaps include a link to a particular chapter of your coaching up videos of the exercises in your programs. The Coaching Up Videos have so much gold you can't even begin to imagine. Keep up the Great Work, and your video you dropped on appreciating us, your viewers, just WOW but another reason to follow Jonni Shreve everyone


Amazing workout program bought this book because I wanted to only train 4 days instead of 6, but I wish he talked about warm up sets because it’s hard to tell which sets are working sets.

Jamie Beard
Nice and Simple

Love it. It’s simple, to the point and no fluff or stupid exercises in to make it feel complicated. I have started this with the view of moving up to the full ebook in the future. My only suggestion/request would be if the link to the exercise videos had all the exercises in it. I have found myself googling them and they are probably people Jonni has covered in his coaching up videos. He could actually just use those segments so he speaks about the technique and areas to concentrate on. Other then that it’s awesome if you just want to workout and get results without being in the gym for more then an hour. Big thumbs up.