4-day Push/Pull Split

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The 4-DAY BEGINNER PUSH/PULL SPLIT is a well-rounded athletic program that will:

-build muscle everywhere

-give you a strong, athletic, muscular look

-improve your overall performance and health

It is 4x a week and can fit around other training or busy schedules.

Simple, no-BS instructions with easy-to-follow video tutorials.

If you’re a beginner who is looking to get into lifting weights and build solid muscle without spending hours and hours in the gym, this program is perfect for you.

Grab your copy and get started today.

Customer Reviews

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Lee (Islington, ENG)
4 day split

Just started jonni 4 day split workout,so far so good,what I like about it is the workouts are not to long to do,and train arms twice a week,happy so far,and has video links of all the exercises, so helpful, to check proper form.and at a very cheap price,thank you Jonni,I am enjoying training again.

Robert Vasquez (Davis, CA)

Great program

Assaf Matia (Modi‘in Makkabbim Re‘ut, M)
not a push pull split

i bought a 4 fay push pull split and got full body spkit. not what i bought still waiting for respond through emails and website cintact in how to use it as push pull split.

Jason Burrows (Spanish Fork, UT)
Awesome shoulder and arm workout

I love the shoulder/arm day program from this split. Haven't felt a burn like that in a long time. I am an intermediate lifter and am always experimenting with different approaches to my workouts. This split will be a regular part of my workouts for a long time.


Love it just needs to be more clear with listed exercises versus the lifts in the tutorial videos.