ONLINE COACHING combined Diet + Supplement + Training

Payment Options:

  1. Three-Month Package + custom Plan = $697 EACH month for 3 months (you will be billed $697 upfront, then $697 for 2 months after).

Pay-in-Full Special Discounts:

  1. Three-Month Package + custom plan = $1,697 (saving you $394)
  2. Six-Month Package + custom plan = 1 month FREE for total of $3485 up-front.
  3. One-Year Package + custom plan = 2 months FREE for a total of $6970 up-front.


  • Each Package INCLUDES:

    • Customized workout plan made from a lengthy questionnaire about your different goals, injuries, lifestyle, etc.
    • Personalized nutrition, training, and supplement plans. Meal plans involve optional meal choices to meet your daily needs and optimize meal timing and training. Recipes are included to guide you through making the desired food, quantities, and portion sizes to meet your desired goals. This includes the most enjoyable foods to sustain a contiguous nutritional Lifestyle.
    • Training regimen based on Progressive overload and training philosophies to bring maximum muscle recruitment and mind-to-muscle connectivity. Training regimens change due to progress and goals.
    • Supplement regiments are made to work specifically for your needs, such as unique injuries and lifestyle.
    • Weekly to Bi-Weekly Check-ins depending on progress needs

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cameron Browne
Supportive and Knowledgeable

Just started my first 3 months of training with Jonni. So far, he has been extremely attentive and communicative. Our initial consultation went great! He is such an easy coach to talk with. Perfect balance of motivation and understanding. Would recommend 👌 I am looking forward to seeing some great results! Will come back with update in 90 days.

Don't hesitate, just do it

Initially, I wasn't sure how online coaching would be, but I gave it a shot and have absolutely no regrets with my decision working with Jonni. He honestly works with you towards YOUR own needs/goals. The most important thing that I value about working with him the most is that he listens. The program is customized to your own fitness journey and Jonni guides you through it every step of the way, answering any questions, giving incredibly helpful critique/advice on form/technique and making sure that you're doing okay. He keeps things straightforward and realistic. As a team, I've been able to achieve beyond what I thought I could in terms of my physique because of his coaching. One hundred percent would recommend this to anyone.

Clayton Alexander
Back at it!

First off I want to say everything from start to finish was very easy to use, follow along with, and ask questions about. The website is direct and streamlined to help people get to the product they're looking for.

Jonni is a wealth of knowledge and one of the first things you notice when you do your consult is that, if you've ever watched one of his videos, he's literally just like that. The programming made sense and if you have any questions, suggestions, or issues you will never have to worry about getting an answer because it'll be there ASAP. You can really tell that Jonni cares about his clients and wants them to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Between Jonni and Erikka you'll never be out of contact with someone which added a ton of comfort with me.

Overall, my entire experience with Jonni was a 10/10 in every category and I will be back again! Thank you for your insight and help bot personally and with training over these last few months!

Adrian Bohinski
Jonni is One of One

With Jonni’s packages, from the 15 minute consultation to his month long training. You get more than what you paid for each interaction. If you are dedicated, you and jonni will get along & see RESULTS. Mr tell it like it is has been a rock in my life for the last 3 months! Mentally and physically aiding me & my life. So of course, I would recommend Jonni to anyone!! A must buy in my opinion.

John Scimone
The most real person in fitness

I came across Jonni searching YouTube videos. There is not another fitness expert I’ve come across that is more REAL than Jonni. His breakdown of mind/muscle connection is next level.

I’ve seen a transformation in my body in a few short months than I’ve never experienced before. I’m almost 50 and I’m on a journey to look better than I ever have.

Last if you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, Jonni is not your guy. But if you want to hear what you NEED to hear, there is nobody better.

With Jonni, you own it. He will guide you, but you own it.

Thank you Jonni….and Erikka