15 Minute Consultation

You have questions about nutrition, training, supplementation, or mindset, and want to get some specific feedback and clarity about your unique situation?

Talk to me 1 on 1 and I will give you a detailed breakdown of exactly what to do to reach your fitness goals.

No Fluff. No BS.

Just results.

Bonus: After the call you will receive a  $50 discount code to use toward any coaching program (e-book not included). 


"Best $50 You Could Spend, Truly.

TL;DR: Jonni is amazing, I'll be hiring him for coaching when I compete. I decided this solely based on the 15-minute conversation we had. So if you're on the fence about spending $50 to consult his expertise, don't be. I'm 22, and I don't have a lot of money, but I don't regret spending a single dime to ask him my questions. Honestly, he should be more expensive."

-Chris M.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
David Coffey
15 min consult

Jonni is always there to provide the best advice possible.

Patrick Pobojewski
Jonni is Legit

I had a fantastic consultation with Jonni. He gave me honest and actionable advice about my physique and provided awesome guidance for how I can pack some more muscle in my upper back, shoulders, and lats. He also answered all of the questions I had and made it super easy to understand. Definitely coming back for more!

Michael Maestro
Extremely insightful

Jonni was very personable and offered a lot of his knowledge to put me on the right track! I’m very happy with how our conversation went and I can’t wait to try out his suggestions!

Brandon Shaw
Awesome conversation.

I didn’t speak with Jonni for specific questions, but I had accomplished some big goals and it was a reward to myself to reach out to someone that played a major role even if just through informative YouTube videos.

The conversation was short but it felt like time didn’t pass it was so good. Jonni is down to earth and you can really tell that he genuinely cares about not just clients but just people around him and in his community.

100% standup guy and I will be scheduling a call with him again at some point to ask some more detailed questions.

Jason Grothe
Right Choice

Talking with Jonni was great. Very insightful and personable. Felt like I had known him for years talking with him and he took the time to answer every question in detail. Never once did he mention the time nor did I feel pressured to get off the phone even though we went over in time. Will be getting a package from him and look forward to seeing the results