15 Minute Consultation

You have questions about nutrition, training, supplementation or you just want to see if we are a good fit to work together before purchasing a package? 

Jump on consultation call with me to discuss your unique situation and I will give you a detailed breakdown of exactly what to do to reach your fitness goals.

No Fluff. No BS.

Bonus: After the call you will receive a  $50 discount code to use toward any coaching program (e-book not included). 




Before I was just putting a bunch of different workouts together before I got to the gym. Now having a source I can just pick up and go to takes away alot of stress. And the workouts really leave you feeling pumped up with no pain!” - Walker

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Noel
First consult.

Consultation with Jonni – Review

I went into the consultation with Jonni with an idea of who he was based on his YouTube videos. Jonni is authentic with what you see is what you get. He was patient with my questions and provided great feedback on my physique and the direction I should take my training.

He is incredibly knowledgeable. I requested his advice on a shoulder issue I had and right away he suggested I work on rolling out my lats and frankly I wasn’t focusing on them with my stretching. I grabbed my roller and applied the information right after the call and was immediately shocked that the area I was rolling out I could feel directly tie into the problem area in my shoulder.

There is 0 expectation of booking him or buying a program immediately and I firmly believe it is because he is confident in the product he provides and based on the conversation I enjoyed with him he should be.

I very much look forward to picking up the “Ultimate: Push Pull legs” as per his recommendation as well as booking him the future for a more personal touch on achieving my goals.

Thank you Jonni, You felt less like a coach and more like a friend who has my best interests in mind and that is worth more than the call could ever cost to me.



Extremely helpful!

I received this as a gift from my husband. I've been working out consecutively and wanted to make sure I was doing the right exercises to see results. Having never seen his youtube videos, it was great to meet Jonni and hear his expertise. He encouraged me to push myself further. Jonni let me know that I was on the right path but needed to add more workouts to grow my glutes. It was great to be told that I've done a good job and I should keep going. He shared his vast knowledge on what my leg day exercises should consist of and why this will help my progress. I can't wait to get started and continue working out. If you want to set your workout goals and talk to an expert, definitely book this consultation!