ONLINE COACHING combined Diet + Supplement + Training

Payment Options:

  1. One-Month Package + custom plan = $797
  2. Three-Month Package + custom Plan = $697 EACH month for 3 months (you will be billed $697 upfront, then $697 for 2 months after).

Pay-in-Full Special Discounts:

  1. Three-Month Package + custom plan = $1,697 (saving you $394)
  2. Six-Month Package + custom plan = 1 month FREE for total of $3485 up-front.
  3. One-Year Package + custom plan = 2 months FREE for a total of $6970 up-front.


  • Each Package INCLUDES:

    • Customized workout plan made from a lengthy questionnaire about your different goals, injuries, lifestyle, etc.
    • Personalized nutrition, training, and supplement plans. Meal plans involve optional meal choices to meet your daily needs and optimize meal timing and training. Recipes are included to guide you through making the desired food, quantities, and portion sizes to meet your desired goals. This includes the most enjoyable foods to sustain a contiguous nutritional Lifestyle.
    • Training regimen based on Progressive overload and training philosophies to bring maximum muscle recruitment and mind-to-muscle connectivity. Training regimens change due to progress and goals.
    • Supplement regiments are made to work specifically for your needs, such as unique injuries and lifestyle.
    • Weekly to Bi-Weekly Check-ins depending on progress needs

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Eddie Ferrera
Well Worth It!!

Working with Jonni is honestly amazing! Like he says in his videos, He truly is Mr. Tell it like it is and will hit with that transparent and vulnerable truth. The way he is able to analyze one’s form through an exercise and to further optimize one’s training can not be matched.

Even if it’s just a 15 minute consultation, you will not regret it!

Love working with Jonni and I see myself continuing to be one of his athletes in the future and you consider being one of his athletes as well!

Raymond T.
Jonni is king of coaching

I am so happy I hired Jonni to teach me how to be successful in my fitness goals. I was struggling to get past a plateau in my weight loss when I hired Jonni. With his mentorship I was able to continue losing fat and I even gained some muscle! At first, I was a little intimidated to have a world class bodybuilder coaching me. I mean I'm no IFBB pro that's for sure. But Jonni was very down to earth and genuinely are great guy to work with and talk with during our weekly check in. I recommend to everyone that is reading this review to hire Jonni if you are serious about making progress on your fitness journey.

Scott Slocumb
One amazing coach

To have a coach that can relate to you on a personal level and support you through the physical training is not just a coach, but a friend. The amount of time Jonni puts into his athletes and the dedication he brings is beyond amazing. Meeting Jonni not just over video but in person has been an experience. I look forward to the future and this amazing walk in this journey with my coach.

Derrick Sutherland
Best Coach Ever

Nutrition, form correction coaching, programming workout routines, customized meal plans (designed around my needs and pallet), this man does it all! What an amazing coach that goes above and beyond with his communication, assistance, consistency and quality of information. He always provides new nuggets of information and is extremely thorough with his meetings. He always makes times to address any concerns and works through any challenges you might face. Again, best coach ever,

Dakota Covey
Not your typical online coach!!

There’s a fear in the fitness industry that you get an online coach and once they get paid they disappear. That’s not the case at all with Jonni, his communication and listening skills with his clients is top notch, he responded to me within a day tops and always gave in depth responses. The program he created for me was tailored to my goals and needs, he didn’t just make a cookie cutter program and say go at it. Any struggles I had with movements he kept coaching me until I got it and I was able to start performing movements I couldn’t before. I am grateful for the time I spent with him and will definitely be back in the future to train with him again